Five Promotional Business Products For Your Organizational Occasions

Working is such a stressful aspect of life. No matter what you do, you will always be worn out by several factors that bound your work and work place. Stress is guilty of some of the most fatal sicknesses that ever existed like cancer and heart ailments. One way to veer the stress away it to enjoy and relax for a while but not each one is eligible to take pleasure a precious vacation leave. Thank goodness, because company affairs like team building, outings and parties are here for your rescue.Aside from beating the stress down, these company occasions also aim to fortify the bond between employees and superiors. But of course, it wouldn’t be fun devoid of a little generosity from the company, right. That is why promotional business items should always be given away in such treasured moments outside work. Here are the five custom business items that are often dispersed to the hardworking staff.Pens- business promotional pens are economical and your company can easily give it out to you. Since it is commonly ordered in large number or bulk, expect tons of logo pens raining in every event that are arranged by your company. No wonder, it is also disseminated in your company’s trade show booths.Mugs- drinking coffee inside a freezing cold office and drowsy environment is a piece of heaven. It is no surprise why such item is a nice gift to employees. A business promotional mug with the organizational logo is really a cool display in your desk. Walk with a non-spill mug or tumbler outside the office and be proud that you are working for your company. Truly, instant free advertisement courtesy of your wonderful office staff.Bags- Speaking of displaying your brand in public, a business promotional bag can do the job right. Bag is a good freebie in company affairs because it will be very practical to its recipients and it will assure total brand exposure because it holds adequate space for imprinting.Stress ball- Business promotional stress ball is a wonderful gift because each one gets stressed. Using such material, someone can press his/her stress away. Moreover, it comes in various shapes and designs to cater your sights.T-shirts- Clothing is one of our chief necessities. Providing unique business promotional garments will be a bright idea because it will not solely make your staff smile, you are also providing your brand free promotion. Just like the bags, t-shirts are very obvious in the eyes of the public.All these products will not just push your employees to work harder; it will also grant you free brand-building in no time.

Add Communities Into Your Online Business Product Line

When you start your online business, you will have identified your target market and know how you are going to help them. You will then build your contact list from within your target market and start to attract people – building your own community in the process. Once you have built up a community of like-minded people, who love what you have to offer, it could be time to introduce a membership site or a continuity programme.What is a membership site/continuity programme?Members pay an annual or monthly fee to belong to your club. The members continue to pay a regular subscription (usually monthly or yearly) for access to the content and resources that you provide as part of the programme. Some things you can include as part of the membership fee:Forum- a place to network and share ideas with other membersMonthly training call- exclusive to members, on variety of topicsTranscripts and recordings of calls- pretty much a ‘must-have’ item in your programmeGroup laser coaching sessions- access to short group laser coaching sessions on monthly or bi-monthly basisDiscounts on products- discounts for any additional products your members go on to purchaseExclusive members-only events- events for members, which would be of benefit to themArticles, special reports and e-books- access to a range of material relevant for your membersDiscounts with preferred partners – deals negotiated with suppliers that offer discounts on their products to your membersYou might be looking at this list thinking there is a lot of work that you need to do to create for your programme but it is not as bad you might think. A lot of the content can be created and scheduled in advance and you do not necessarily have to come up with all the content – bring on board partners and other contributors. The other thing to remember is to start small. Start out with just a training call, transcript and recording, until you get comfortable, and then introduce other things later.Charging for your programmeYou need to think about how you are going to charge your members. You may decide on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ business model, where you have one rate for membership. However, you may be missing out here as, having have sampled your service, your customers may want to spend more money with you. Think about having different membership levels to satisfy different budgets and the different levels of interaction that your customers may want.

GPS Tracking And Business Productivity Go Hand In Hand

With the economy struggling, businesses are finding it critical to reduce costs without compromising competitiveness. GPS tracking technology is providing a solution that provides businesses numerous benefits. Businesses that operate vehicles to deliver products and services are especially sensitive to these conditions.Reducing Operating Costs With GPS TrackingGPS tracking is providing businesses and fleet tracking managers a wealth of information that was previously unavailable. With fuel costs exceeding the $ 3.00 mark for more than a year, vehicle operating costs have more than doubled over the past two years. Operators of these devices can monitor the routes and miles traveled, control dispatching operations, and ensure accurate jobsite arrival and departures. Depending upon the solution chosen, these solutions can also provide the ability to monitor miles traveled and ignition status. Software features such as desktop to mobile phone door to door directions via text helps facilitate shorter routes when dispatched. Because company vehicles are a significant asset, tracking devices can be used to reduce insurance premiums since they can also double as a theft recovery device. Not all insurance companies participate in premium reductions so be sure to inquire regarding participation.Ensuring Productivity With GPS TrackingCurrently, businesses depend upon work orders, customer feedback, and 2-way communications to verify productivity. An increase in fuel costs are not always attributed to the cost of a gallon itself. Unnecessary engine idling, improper employee use of the company vehicles, and traffic conditions are just a few examples of why technology-based solutions are a must. Continuous updates just seconds apart with the vehicle location, route of travel, time of arrival and departure of the job site. All of this information is viewable through an intuitive online software platform including detailed historical reporting. All of this data adds a new layer of operational accountability and customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs.Using GPS Tracking For Employee OversightMonitoring employee productivity is a common practice for any employer but what about employees operating outside the office? Service-based businesses rely on employees to perform their duties without direct supervision. GPS tracking provides business owners the ability to keep tabs on outside operations. Although majority of employees in the field are hard working, there are always exceptions to the rule. Both passive GPS tracking as well as real-time GPS tracking devices have been used to catch unsuspecting employees violating company policies as well as stealing from the company. In addition, employees that assume the responsibility of taking company vehicles home expose the business to additional liabilities. GPS tracking devices can also be used to ensure the vehicles are not used for personal purposes.This technology provides an incredible wealth of information while improving productivity, customer satisfaction, and reducing costs. This is creating one of the fastest growing add-ons as the rapid return on investment (ROI) makes it a clear choice for all businesses.