Why is Downtime Good For Business Productivity?

Last week I found myself wrapping up a few projects and had a few days of downtime. Just like everybody else, I go through times where I am so busy I can’t think of much else other than the project at hand and other times not so. I used to worry…thinking I had to be busy all the time and if I wasn’t then I just wasn’t being effective. Not so. Why is this?Your brain and body cannot be in full speed ahead at all times. Just look at nature; a plant grows in spurts, then rests to gain strength for the next growth spurt. If we are at full speed all the time, we don’t get the time to rejuvenate and get ready for the times when we do need it.You can access more creative ideas and find solutions to problems with downtime. I know this to be true even in small increments. If I am working on troubleshooting a website and just can’t figure out what is going wrong, sometimes just taking a spin around the block is all I need to get me headed in the right direction. Ideas seem to pop into my head when I just take a break and allow them in.Downtime allows for research and solutions if you use it effectively. Case in point, I was working on figuring out a way to get my website layout designs into a web ready format quicker and easier and a bit of time surfing the internet gave me my solution…I wouldn’t have even had the time to do research if I just kept plowing along being busy.Law of attraction – you can do all the manifesting you want, and taking action, but there is also the last step of letting go. How many times have you been happily surprised at the resolution of a sticky situation just when you decided to take your attention off of it? It’s called letting go and trust.Our society tends to place importance on work and results but sometimes you can get the best result by just taking a break from it!